One week in Geiranger


You are now invited to one week in Geiranger.
Take whit you your family or friends and take the trip to the heart of fjord land of Norway.
This is the first concrete offer ever to stay in Geiranger by the fjord for one week.
Look under Activity’s on the front page of this web site and find out more about what to do this week.
Think so exotic as go fishing in this famous fjord in Geiranger.
We have several boat activity’s for the fjord.
In Geiranger there is a lot of mountain trips where you can go walking.
Storsæterfossen is the most known. That’s a waterfall you can walk behind and look at the mighty waterfall is falling down in front of you. This is 3 hours walk from the harbour of Geiranger.
You also have the “Gråsteindalen” it’s a incredible place to walk for hours if you like. We will inform you when you are coming to Geiranger about the possibility.
Or you can travel up to Dalsnibba whit a Limousine, Taxi or a bus . That’s a mountain top whit a road that’s goes all the way to the top 1500 meters high.
For the people who wants to see the Area around Geiranger there is many possibility’s. A trip over the famous “Trollstigen” to Åndalsnes is very attracting and beautiful trip whit incredible nature on its way. Trollstigen is Norways most spectacular road and you wont believe the way its build. Åndalsnes is so beautiful to in the end of the road of Trollstigen. Åndalsnes is also known for the Rauma Railroad track. And also the famous Trollveggen
I will here invite you to the small charming town of Åndalsnes.
A trip to the town of Ålesund is also so spectacular . Ålesund is this country’s most beautiful town and its amazing to come out there and look at the town by the big sea. Ålesund has such a incredible view point and also a breath taking museum. Ålesund is also known to be a big fishing town in Norway.
I will here inviting you to the beautiful town of Ålesund .
My company can also take the tourists to beautiful Norfjord and to the glacier areas of Norway. Nordfjord is also a so spectacular area in Norway.
I will also invite you to the famous Briksdal Glacier and Norfjord.
There is also a fjord not far from Geiranger fjord called the Hjørundfjord .
My company can bring you there on any requests.
In the wintertime I can give you two opportunity . First the spectacular Stranda ski area on Stranda. The other opportunity in the winter is Åndalsnes and the ski area there. Both places are incredible when its comes to ski holyday.
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